About Malcolm

Life Before Heart4Malcolm

Malcolm P. Robbins was born in Oakland, California, March 24, 1970, travels with parents during his childhood, he lived in his Dad’s home town Omaha, Nebraska, he then relocated to Shawnee Oklahoma. Malcolm would later move to St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended Maplewood High School, graduating with a full-ride basketball scholarship. He studied at Oklahoma University for a period, then went to St. Louis Community College - Meramec.

Malcolm P. Robbins, in his words married “My Beautiful and Powerful wife of 27-years. Mrs. Jacqueline Robbins.” He was blessed with nine children, blended-family, Paul Mierisch, Tyree Robbins, Malcolm Robbins, James Peters, Naeem Robbins, Malaika Robbins, Brittanie Polite, Alize Johnson, and Ameera Robbins and five grandchildren. A beautiful family worth the fight to survive.

Malcolm is a plumber by profession and owner of several businesses in partnership with his wife. The family businesses include MR. Plumbing, JR Insurances, and World-Famous Rib Shack. The couple was successful in marketing the Rib Shack and are proud of their record-breaking sales for years. They leveraged their restaurant as a platform to support the community that supported them. The family provided food to the homeless through a program called #HashtagLunchbags-St. Louis, sending underserved children to Costa Rica, and to out of state team games with their children.


Malcolm's Heart Journey

Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Malcolm's family health history includes heart conditions on both sides of the family. The mother's side experienced Congestive Heart Failure, the father's side experienced Marfan Syndrome, which in some cases causes the enlargement of the Aorta Root. Malcolm experienced health issues from both sides of his family
In 2011 he had Aorta Root repaired due to an enlarged heart. Thank God his Aunt Marcia urge him to get checked due to the family history.
In 2012 Malcolm was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, which was life-changing. Adjusting to taking medication and revising his diet; proved to be overwhelming, resulting in a decline in his health.
In 2014, Malcolm experienced an ejection fraction, which is the measurement of the percentage of blood leaving your heart each time it contracts. The ejection fraction measurement decreased to 13%. As a result, this decline in his health required him to be on the heart transplant list.
In 2015 he had a severe open-heart surgery that changed our family life to this day. He had an LVAD placement surgery to operate as a heart because his heart was severely damaged.
LVAD Heart Journey
Malcolm's heart journey required severe surgery, in and out of the hospital, he contracted a severe infection that added to his heart challenges; consistent care for Malcolm has been and continues to be an uphill battle. Malcolm was taken off of the transplant list for a year.
In 2016 Malcolm had a brain bleed, he then slipped into a coma, almost and died. A side effect of this was Vertigo, which caused the family to decide to close their restaurant doors. Malcolm was in and out of the hospital repeatedly, having over four strokes in a short period.
In 2017 due to the repeated strokes, he was required to have another LVAD replacement. Malcolm was then placed back on the transplant list.
In 2018 on his Heart Journey Malcolm relocated to his Dad's hometown Omaha, Nebraska, in pursuit of a heart at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This move required him to start the process all over again, testing and was re-listed on the Heart Transplant List.
In 2020 after eight years of praying, striving, and fighting to stay alive, he received a heart on July 9, 2020. Malcolm’s heart journey continues.